Made from birch veneer and practical wipe-clean melamine, our beautiful trays come in two sizes, ideal for serving afternoon teas and evening cocktails and canapés. 

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Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Large Tray
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Small Tray
Sardine Large Tray
Sardine Small Tray
Lobster Large Tray
Lobster Small Tray
Pea Pod Large Tray
Pea Pod Small Tray
Pink Jelly & Cake Large Tray
Pink Jelly & Cake Small Tray
Blackbird & Bramble Large Tray
Blackbird & Bramble Small Tray
Cherry Small Tray
Out of stock
Cherry Small Tray
£10.00 £20.00
Pear Large Tray
Pear Large Tray
£15.00 £30.00
Pheasant & Vine Tray Large
Pheasant & Vine Tray Small
Teacup Large Tray
Teacup Small Tray
Grey Pineapple Large Tray
Grey Pineapple Small Tray
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