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This Autumn we welcome our exquisite new Teacup and our proud Pheasant & Vine print, available across Kitchen and Tableware. With a selection of new products from AGA covers to large Cosmetic Bags.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our Hot Water Bottles, & our cheeky Squirrel & Spruce range, arriving in time for Christmas. 

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Blackbird & Bramble Large Cosmetic Bag
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Large Cosmetic Bag
Lobster Large Cosmetic Bag
Thornback & Peel AGA Covers
Thornback & Peel AGA Covers
Teacup Apron
Teacup Apron
Teacup Coaster Set of Four
Teacup Large Tray
Teacup Napkin Set of Four
Teacup Oven Glove
Teacup Placemat Set of Four
Teacup Small Tray
Teacup Tea Towel
Pheasant & Vine Apron
Pheasant & Vine Coaster set of Four
Pheasant & Vine Napkin set of Four
Pheasant & Vine Oven Glove
Pheasant & Vine Placemat set of Four
Pheasant & Vine Tea Towel
Pheasant & Vine Tray Large
Pheasant & Vine Tray Small
Rabbit & Cabbage Hot Water Bottle
Lobster Hot Water Bottle
Blackbird & Bramble Hot Water Bottle
Squirrel & Spruce Apron
Squirrel & Spruce Christmas Cards Set of 12
Squirrel & Spruce Christmas Sack
Squirrel & Spruce Coaster set of Four
Squirrel & Spruce Cracker Box
Squirrel & Spruce Gift Wrap
Squirrel & Spruce Napkin set of Four
Squirrel & Spruce Oven Gloves
Squirrel & Spruce Tea Towel
Squirrel Hanky Box
Squirrel & Spruce Tray Small
Squirrel & Spruce Placemat set of Four
Mixed Christmas Cards Set of 12
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