Oilcloth Fabric

Protect your table from spills and sticky fingers with Thornback & Peel's beautiful and practical wipe-clean oilcloth. Available in two classic designs, Rabbit & Cabbage and Jelly & Cake that will suit any kitchen or dining room.  
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Rabbit & Cabbage Delft Blue Oilcloth Sample
Rabbit & Cabbage Classic Oilcloth
Rabbit & Cabbage Oilcloth, Grey
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth, Raspberry
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth, Grey
Rabbit & Cabbage Classic Oilcloth Sample
Rabbit & Cabbage Oilcloth Sample, Grey
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth Sample, Raspberry
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth Sample, Grey