Pink Jelly & Cake

Brighten up your home with a large helping of Jelly & Cake, our most indulgent print served up in a mouth-watering raspberry pink. Gorgeously illustrated in fine detail, these wibbly wobbly jellies and towering sugar confections will have you coming back for seconds. 
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Jelly & Cake Apron, Pink
Jelly & Cake Tea Towel, Pink
Jelly & Cake Oven Glove, Pink
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Jelly & Cake Coaster Set of Four, Pink
Jelly & Cake Placemat Set of Four, Pink
Jelly & Cake Raspberry Pink Fabric  on Oyster Linen
Jelly & Cake Wallpaper, Pink
Jelly & Cake Wallpaper Sample, Pink
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth, Grey
Jelly & Cake Napkin Set of Four, Pink
Pigeon & Jelly Fabric on Oyster Linen
Pigeon & Jelly Fabric Sample on Oyster Linen
Pigeon & Pink Jelly Tea Towel
Jelly & Cake Oilcloth, Raspberry
Jelly & Cake Gift Wrap