Tinware & Mugs

Thornback & Peel's totally terrific tin range is here to keep all your master bakes fresh for days. Store everything and anything in our collection of tinware.
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Christmas Pudding Caddy Tin
Rabbit & Cabbage Cake Tin Set
Robin Caddy Tin
Blackbird & Bramble Long Rectangle Tin
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Large Handle Tray
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Mug
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Rabbit & Cabbage Rectangle Tin
Blackbird & Bramble Large Handle Tray
Dog & Daisy Mug
Dog & Daisy Mug
Blackbird & Bramble Rectangle Tin
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Blackbird & Bramble Mug
Christmas Pudding Mug
Dog & Daisy Biscuit Barrel
Dog & Daisy Rectangle Tin
Dog & Daisy Enamel Mug
Rabbit & Cabbage Enamel Mug
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Rabbit & Cabbage Biscuit Barrel
Rabbit & Cabbage Caddy Tin Set
Dog & Daisy Caddy Tin Set
Cactus & Bird Caddy Tin
Cactus & Bird Rectangle Tin
Rabbit & Cabbage String Tin
Rabbit & Cabbage Extra Large Rectangle Tin
Robin & Holly Mug
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