Add a dash of joyful colour to your day with our collection of unique accessories. Shop for hand screen-printed handkerchiefs, hot water bottles, sturdy cotton tote shopping bags and cosmetic bags, that are both practical and stylish. Perfect for gifting!

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Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Tote Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Tote Bag
Dog & Daisy Tote Bag
Cactus & Bird Tote Bag
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Cosmetic Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag
Dog & Daisy Cosmetic Bag
Cactus & Bird Cosmetic Bag
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Large Cosmetic Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Large Cosmetic Bag
Dog & Daisy Large Cosmetic Bag
Cactus & Bird Large Cosmetic Bag
Rabbit & Cabbage Hot Water Bottle
Blackbird & Bramble Hot Water Bottle
Dog & Daisy Hot Water Bottle
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Cactus & Bird Hot Water Bottle
Rabbit Hanky Box
Stag Hanky Box
Stag Hanky Box
Dog Hanky Box
Dog Hanky Box
Pheasant Hanky Box - Purple
Sardine Hanky Box - Pale Blue
Lobster Hanky Box
Grey Pineapple Tote Bag