Add a dash of joyful colour to your day with our collection of unique accessories. Shop for hand screen-printed handkerchiefs, hot water bottles, sturdy cotton tote shopping bags and cosmetic bags, that are both practical and stylish. Perfect for gifting!

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Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Tote Bag
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Large Cosmetic Bag
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Cosmetic Bag
Rabbit & Cabbage Hot Water Bottle
Rabbit Hanky Box
Cactus & Bird Tote Bag
Cactus & Bird Large Cosmetic Bag
Cactus & Bird Cosmetic Bag
Cactus & Bird Hot Water Bottle
Grey Pineapple Tote Bag
Grey Pineapple Cosmetic Bag
Grey Pineapple Large Cosmetic Bag
Grey Pineapple Hot Water Bottle
Blackbird & Bramble Tote Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Large Cosmetic Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag
Blackbird & Bramble Hot Water Bottle
Pea Pod Tote Bag
Pea Pod Cosmetic Bag
Pea Pod Hanky Box
Lobster Tote Bag
Lobster Large Cosmetic Bag
Lobster Cosmetic Bag
Lobster Hanky Box
Pheasant Hanky Box - Purple
Sardine Hanky Box - Pale Blue
Stag Hanky Box
Stag Hanky Box
Pheasant Hanky Box - Navy
Sardine Hanky Box - Delft Blue
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